Welcome To The TennisPAL Blog

Welcome To The TennisPAL Blog

Are you a tennis player, a coach, or a tennis fan?
Are you an active user of TennisPAL?
Do you enjoy being fit and active while also knowing a lot about the world of tennis?

You have landed on the right blog, we love these things just like you!

Welcome to the TennisPAL blog. This is your central resource for everything about tennis, tournaments, and the TennisPAL app. We will be updating our blog every couple of days with articles packed with information and news that you can’t miss. We are excited to share our perspective with you and need to know what you want us to talk about. Contact us directly through the app, drop us an email, or shout out to us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

We love our community and want to create content just for you. Did you know that about 18 million people play tennis in the United States? That makes you one in a million! Well actually one in 18 million. That’s why our team wants to hear your story, your questions, and your interest in tennis. They want to connect with tennis players, coaches, families, friends, and fans to write engaging stories and articles. We want to answer your questions, give you insider information, and bring you the latest about the tennis world. New beginnings are scary, but we are excited that you are here with us.

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Our mission is to create a cyber tennis club to connect you to other players and coaches in a global village. Becoming a part of the TennisPAL community is simple. Download the TennisPAL app in the Apple App Store or Google Play Store and sign up. In the app, you can find people who are close to you for a fun tennis game or coaching session. Explore the community and connect with people in our moments feed on and off of the court. Catch up on the latest news from tournaments and rankings. TennisPAL is the active community of tennis aficionados that you have been looking for.

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