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Frequently Asked Questions

Getting Started

What is TennisPAL?

TennisPAL for iPhone and Android is an app for anything tennis. It connects you with other players and coaches to chat, schedule play time, and share moments with.

I see there is the option to sign up with Facebook or Mobile. Does it matter which I choose?
No, both options create an individual Player or Coach account. It is not suggested to make an account on both due to duplicate names and profiles.
What languages are supported by TennisPAL?

The app currently only supports English. If you are trying to access the app with a different system language, the app may not work properly.

What is my 6-digit passcode?

When registering with a phone number, a 6-digit passcode is required to authenticate your login. Your passcode must be a 6-digit number that is easy for you to remember but difficult for others to guess. Only numbers are allowed as your password; letters and special characters cannot be in your passcode.

Technical Questions

Which devices are supported by TennisPAL?

You can install and run TennisPAL on iPhone iOS 9.0 or later and Android JellyBean 4.1.2 or later. TennisPAL is not yet supported on iPhone X and tablet devices.

My TennisPAL push notifications have stopped working. How do I fix this?
We have experienced issues with push notifications after an update to the app is installed. After you update the app from the App Store or Play Store, please log out and log back in to TennisPAL in order to fix any issues regarding push notifications.
How do I turn off push notifications?

In order to stop receiving push notifications, you need to log out from the TennisPAL app

Find Coaches and Players

How can I search for a tennis coach near me?
Launch the TennisPAL app, log in and update your TennisPAL profile. Visit Find PAL from the main menu, set the switch on top to Coach, and click Find Pal. You will see a list of all coaches in your area and can communicate with them directly. You can also enter a zip code if you would like to find a coach that is different from your current location.
My child has been playing tennis for the last year. Can they use TennisPAL to play more and improve their tennis skills?
Yes, absolutely. Connecting all ages of tennis players is at the core of TennisPAL. Only junior players can find other junior players on the app. We prevent adults from finding junior players. If your young athlete signs up, he will be able to use Find Pal to find players his age and coaches to connect with.
I have been using Find PAL to search for players in my area and nothing came up. Does this mean there are no players?
Please use the zipcode field to search for a player at a specific area. If you are searching for a player without a zipcode field it means there is no immediate user around your current location.

Skill Levels

How is skill level determined in TennisPAL?
You can add your tennis skill level to your TennisPAL profile in both UTP and NTRP programs. You can view an approximate conversion chart here. For UTR to NTRP conversion refer to Skill Chart.

Account Management

How do I delete my TennisPAL account?

It is easy to delete your TennisPAL account. If you signed up with your phone number, you can delete your account by texting “STOP” to +1(310)441-8087. If you have signed up using your Facebook credentials, we need to remove your TennisPAL account for you. Once you confirm that you want to leave our community permanently by sending a chat message to the Concierge, we would remove your account.

How do I manage my payment information?

In the side menu, you can tap Edit Credit Card to manage your financial profile.

Making Payments: In Payables you can add, update, and delete your credit card information. TennisPAL uses Authorize.net to process payments. All private payment information is securely sent directly to Authorize.net who is a PCI-compliant payment gateway.

Receiving Payments: In Receivables you can view your current balance of receivable payments. Payments are sent by email to your account’s email address. Payments are issued by check.

How does TennisPAL use my payment account information?

Your payment account information is sent directly to Authorize.net, the financial institution that processes credit card payments. TennisPAL does not store nor has access to any of your payment account information.

Payments & Transactions

How does TennisPAL calculate the e-check amount?

Each e-check from TennisPAL reflects your earnings from the events you hosted the prior week (Monday through Sunday), minus the TennisPAL charges. TennisPAL collects 10% from each week’s total earnings to cover the cost of court and other services and amenities offered through the app. Coaches are not charged for payment processing or any transactions fees; TennisPAL absorbs those costs.

How do I get paid for the lessons and events scheduled through TennisPAL?

On 5:00 PM PST each Monday, you will receive an e-check from TennisPAL by email which reflects your earnings from the prior week (Monday through Sunday), minus any TennisPAL charges. The e-check can be deposited through online banking, or you can print it and deposit the physical check in-person at a bank.

Your First Payment
The first time you receive an e-check, it will take 5 business days for the money to be transferred. The first time you receive the check and try to deposit it online, the system will ask them for your bank institution, account number, and routing number. You will also be asked to log into their account online for the connection to be authenticated. Then after 5 days the online deposit will appear in your selected account. For all subsequent deposits, the funds will be available within two to three days from the time that you deposit your e-check.

What’s Next

Will there be new and improved features in the future?
Yes! We are working hard every day to fix issues and update the application as time goes on. If you have suggestions or ideas, send us a message through the Suggestions menu item in the app.